I am so glad you are here! Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself.

I believe we all have beauty and Light within us. 

It was in graduate school where I adjusted and widened my lens on how I defined both my art and what I believed I could contribute to the world. I was asked a simple question from one of my professors,

“Why do you paint the landscape?

At the time I was painting very traditional landscape paintings. I questioned how I could I have earned my BFA as well as my Bachelors in Art Education, taught in the Public School system for 14 years and only now be asked this question? Why had I never questioned this myself?

This question led to much soul searching and a deeper understanding of what I wished to make art about and why it mattered.

Earning my MFA from Goddard College was one of the greatest gifts and accomplishments of my life. Goddard’s Interdisciplinary approach to education with its self-directed learning style lit me up in ways I had never experienced in my traditional schooling. For the first time in my life I was encouraged to “trust the process” of creating. I was allowed to trust myself, follow my intuition and create from a deep, sacred place in my heart.

flowers & nature paintings


I wholeheartedly dove into learning about Art, the Creative Process, Ecology, and Spirituality. I wanted to understand where I fit into the bigger picture of life.

I have come to appreciate the universal truth, we are all one, interdependent on each other, the earth and all living things.

I have found peace in the not knowing and trust my intuition to guide me in all areas of my life. I believe doing what you love with enthusiasm, devotion & joy you serve the world in a positive way. This enthusiasm can have a ripple effect onto others which I believe can make the world a happier place. My work investigates this possibility.




I am a New England girl with a tropical beach island mentality. I live for the summer months where I cheerfully trade my winter boots and heavy sweaters for flip flops and sundresses. I live a joyful life with my husband and our three cats on the shoreline of CT. My studio is located in Stonington, CT in the Historic Velvet Mill where I am grateful to be surrounded by artists and makers of every kind. The best way to stay in touch is to join my newsletter or follow my blog.

Professional BIO & Curricula Vitae

I hope my art uplifts and inspires you to find the joy & Light within yourself.