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I’m Laura Gaffke, a painter, joy seeker and collector of thoughts and ideas. Each day I strive to live consciously, be in nature and find moments of creativity and grace. I wish to celebrate the joy and beauty I see in the world and believe a lot can be learned through presence, kindness, compassion and LOVE. I thrive when I am able to help others by sharing my experiences.

I wish to celebrate the joy and beauty I see in the world

You are in the right place if you crave positive, soulful conversations about creativity, self-awareness, connection and growth. I am passionate about finding moments of grace  each day. I see the world as a reflection of who you are and your attitude about life. Happiness is contagious and I wish to spread it around and make the world a better place.

I see the world as a reflection of who you are and your attitude about life

As a former art teacher I learned the importance of being a student. I grew by creating and cultivating a choice based art curriculum where the creative process, individuality and self-awareness were valued and fostered. This challenged me to grow further and go to graduate school where I earned my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art. It is here where I nurtured my love of art, the environment, spirituality and collaboration, all of which continue to enrich my life.

I am a New England girl and currently live on the shoreline of CT. I live for the summer months and cheerfully trading in my winter boots and heavy sweaters for flip flops and sundresses. I create, teach private art lessons, facilitate creative workshops and host Art Salons, at my studio at The Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT.


10 Random Fun Facts You May Not Know About Me

1.  I have always lived near water

2.  I could live in flip flops

3. I don’t understand how anyone could get bored, we live in such a magical world

4. I am curious about everything and collect ideas like some women collect shoes

5. I love a good flash mob and even created one for my husband

6.  Dragonflies are my spirit guides, their lives are fleeting and they remind me to live life to the fullest

7. I have a Pinterest addiction

8.  I am a huge Parrothead (a Jimmy Buffett fan) and have been known to rock a hula skirt

9. I have had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi since high school and can belt out “Living’ on a Prayer” in my sleep

10. I am a big fan of “the birthday week”


Professional Bio

Laura Gaffke is a painter and mixed media artist known for her cheerful artwork, positive outlook and desire to help others find and use their unique gifts. She draws inspiration from the ever changing colors and textures in her garden, from soulful conversations with friends and the beauty she sees in the shoreline of CT where she lives with her husband Brett and their three cats. She has traveled to Italy, England, Norway, the Caribbean Islands and throughout the Unites States which ignites her imagination and fuels her artwork.

Laura graduated from Rivier College with both her BFA and Bachelors in Art Education. She taught art for 14 years at the Deerfield Community School in NH where she worked with innovative educators who understood and shared her philosophy of art as a process-based curriculum rather than product based. She teaches art as a catalyst for inquiry, celebrates individuality, self-awareness and the growth that comes from the creative process. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Goddard College where she fostered her love of Ecology, Spirituality and developed a Collaborative Art Practice. Laura co-authors Laura TWO Tina, a letter format blog with artist, Tina Hirsig. Together they share how a lasting creative partnership is nurtured.

She thrives sharing her knowledge and has been a Visiting Artist at the Holderness School (NH) as well as the Katherine Kolnaski School (CT). Her lectures on the creative process & peer learning have helped others understand how creativity connects us with our authentic self. Laura’s artwork has been featured in publications such as, Artful Blogging Magazine, Spark & Inspire: 30 Days of Meaningful Insight to Spark Your Business & Inspire Your Soul, Blog Talk Radio, Groton Patch and the Narragansett Times. Her artwork can be seen on her website, her Etsy shop & is licensed with METcolors.

Laura infuses her positive message into everything she does. She believes in following your bliss and seeing where it leads, while encouraging others to do the same. She has a dedicated studio practice, teaches private art lessons and facilitates workshops in her studio at Above Elite Studios in Westerly, RI as well as the Mystic Arts Center.

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