Bio / Artist Statement


LGaffke.about pageLaura Gaffke had the pleasure of growing up in Southern New Hampshire where she was fortunate to have the mountains, city and seacoast all within close reach. Her diverse surroundings electrified her love of nature and invoked a desire to travel and explore the world. It is from these experiences, as well as her desire to focus on life’s joy that her vibrant color palette emerged. She engages viewers by revealing intimate, soulful moments from her life while working intuitively with paint and collage. It is here where meaningful connections are made.

After graduating from Rivier College with her Bachelors Degree in both Fine Arts and Art Education Laura taught in NH for the next 13 years before moving to Groton, Connecticut and earning her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College, VT. Her work has been featured in multiple solo, group and juried exhibitions. She maintains a dedicated, studio practice at The Velvet Mill in Stonington, CT. She also teaches, shows her work regularly, co-authors a blog and nurtures an ongoing collaborative art practice with a fellow artist, all of which reinforce how connections deeply affect her creative work and life.

Artist Statement


Art is my spiritual practice, a visual meditation where I find guidance, trust my intuition and gain greater self-awareness and compassion. My creative practice is present in all areas of my life which inform and influence my paintings. It is quiet moments in my garden, observing, listening, sketching, composing flower bouquets that become color inspirations and source material. It is found in nourishing friendships and connection, it is found at the beach absorbing the vastness of the sea and sky, experiencing the rhythm of nature, It is even found in my love for styling my personal spaces. My painting process is in turn a meditative journey where I make sense of what I experience and learn, unfurling and growing in much the same way as the flowers in my garden. Layers, color and recurring symbols like circles are important in my work as I contemplate optimism and the cyclical rhythm of growth. My paintings are a reflection of my deepest values: gratitude, growth, optimism, connection and joy.