whimsical flower paintings


This is an ongoing series celebrating the mysterious dance of life with flowers and nature being a central theme. My garden is a sanctuary to me. It is a place I go to reflect and free myself of needless twirling thoughts.

My ears perk up to the melody of the day. Little birds gracefully sing their songs and gather at my birdbath for a chat. Hummingbirds and bees draw my attention to the intricate beauty of the flowers. Bugs crawl about in unseen worlds of their own adding to the function and flow of life.  All of these details remind me how connected everything is. They get absorbed into my heart and flow into my paintings in an intuitive way.

My garden is a sanctuary for my mind.

Flowers, nature and my garden have become a metaphor for transformation, self-discovery and growth within myself. It communicates love and loss, friendships old and new, inner growth and the love and compassion I have for each season of my life.


“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never see this one before.” ~Maya Angelou