Colors of Summer: The Endless Summer Blooms Collection


Today is the day I get to share  ALL THE COLORS OF SUMMER in the “Endless Summer Blooms Collection”!

I’m soooo sooo happy! Each painting in this collection captures what my heart most wants to express:

the breathtaking nuances of nature,

the quiet presence I feel being outdoors in my garden

and the colors of summer that enliven my heart.

Here’s the inspiration behind the collection & a special preview for you.


Summer is my favorite season. Living in New England and knowing how fleeting the summer season is makes me appreciate it even more. When I’m not at the beach you will  find me in my garden which becomes both my sanctuary and my studio.

This is my happy place.

The vibrant colors of summer ignite my heart and provide an endless tapestry of inspiration for my work.

Creative Process

Being in nature is intrinsic to my work as an artist and is a huge part of my creative process. It’s here where I feel most in flow with life and am present to something greater than myself.

This time provides the foundation for all my ideas.

Seeds of inspiration

Another part of my process is spending time creating little flower posies with whatever is blooming in the garden. There are endless combinations of color and the flowers become my palette and “seeds” of ideas for paintings.

Although I often work directly from life I also photograph my arrangements and save them as inspiration for the barren New England winter months.

In the studio I work purely through instinct. Each painting becomes a meditation and form of reflection holding a mix of emotions. My intention for this collection was to express positivity and beauty through color.

“Perfumed in Sunshine”

I used layers of vibrant oranges, soft lavenders, turquoise, warm pinks, yellows and peaches, all which hold their own personal meanings.

The sparkling color, rich texture and vibrant hues of this collection radiates JOY to me. When you see it I want you to feel the sweet kiss of sunshine on your skin and be transported to my garden where you may have a sense of the wonder and aliveness of nature.

May this collection add a little beauty, color and joy to your home


 The whole Collection is now available in the shop

I hope you love this little collection as much as I do. I cannot thank you enough for all of your love and support. It truly means the world to me. Each work on paper comes signed, matted and ready to pop into a frame of your choice. Can you imagine one on your wall? Which one would you pick? I would love to know  your favorite. 🙂 Share with me in the comments below.

Cheery Smiles & love your way!


Laura 🙂

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