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flower arrangement

Hello my friends,

Flowers have a way of rejuvenating my spirit even on the darkest day. When I first moved to Connecticut I mourned not only my family and friends but my happy little garden. I had just moved into my husband Brett’s home there was not one tree or flower on the ENTIRE property! Seriously! One of the first things we did was make a small flower bed in the back yard and plant a weeping cherry tree in the front. I had one in my New Hampshire cottage and loved looking forward to it flowering in early spring.  Every year we add something new to our garden and I love it more and more every day (well, everything except the weeds!). I am amazed by how much our garden has grown. Like most things transformation comes with having a vision, diligence, time and effort.


I now have an abundance of flowers which I treasure and share. I find myself creatively inspired by the colors and textures as well as the many bees, birds and butterflies that help sustain it.  I have a passion for creating little flower posies out of whatever is growing in my garden. It took me a little while to realize that creating them is a contemplative practice for me, like meditation, painting and writing. They are a part of my creative process and greatly influence my artwork.

Laura Gaffke, "Zestful Zinnia I & II", acrylic  on wood panel, 8" x 8"
Laura Gaffke, “Zestful Zinnia I & II”, acrylic on wood panels, 8″ x 8″ (giclee prints available here)

“The further you distance yourself from your expectations, the more exhilarating your life will become.”

~Madisyn Taylor

These two paintings were inspired by the zinnias in my garden. I love how daring and unabashedly bold their color is. You will notice that one painting is more abstract than the other. I think it’s important to slow down and look closely at things but also allow time for creative play. These two paintings offer a little of both. Lately in the studio I have been exploring abstraction in more depth. I will share more with you as the work unfolds. Sometimes it is important to allow time for freedom and play in the work without expectation. I am in this blissful, tender place right now, mindful of the mystery of creation.

Sending cheery smiles

& love your way…




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