Craving a little adventure? Let’s get swept away…

A view from the upper deck of our dock. I love this old vintage cooler I found at a thrift shop.

When was the last time you went on an adventure?

In an instant I can conjure the feeling of freedom I had when I used to go on canoe-camping adventures. I was in my early twenties and working three jobs while going to college. I could hardly wait until summer for my annual pilgrimage to the Saco River with my friends.

I treasured these trips.

Nothing to do but “drift and drink” as we liked to say. We made sure our coolers were chock full of food, beer and of course Sun Country wine coolers. Yes, I realize I may be dating myself with the wine coolers, but this was during my “pre-wine” days and I loved them so much back then!  🙂

I found joy in these adventures. It was a time for being silly, laughing, swimming, jumping off a passing rope swing, sitting by campfires, catching up with good friends, and simply being alive to the day.

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Even though I’m older (ahem “ageless”) now, I have not lost my sense of adventure.

I’ve since traded in my canoe for the little dory that Brett, my husband, and I have docked in our backyard. It suits our lifestyle perfectly.

Don’t you love the “ornament” adorning our boat?

Up until last year we owned a speed boat that was Brett’s pride and joy. We had A LOT of fun on that boat~that is when I wasn’t holding on for dear life! It was really FAST, especially for a girl whose favorite ride is the merry go round~lol! I learned to love it though, and appreciated the freedom of being out on the open water, immersed in the vast wonder of the sea.

“A Journey of One’s Own” Original Available HERE
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I know we will have another big boat someday, but for now we are appreciating how this little boat has simplified our life, and I love it more than any boat we have ever owned.

It has plenty of room for our friends, beach chairs, coolers, umbrellas and even a portable corn hole game which is always a lot of fun.

“Among Friends” Original Available HERE

We no longer have to drive to a marina which saves us a lot of time. We can easily hop in this little boat and pop over to the beach for a swim after work, or to meet up with friends for a picnic. Brett also uses it for fishing, and it’s nice for a moonlit cruise up the river as well.

“Thrill of the Unknown” Original Painting Available HERE

I was able to pick the colors for the boat and I picked a beautiful sea foam green for the interior which aligns with my Caribbean Spirit. You will see this color a lot in my paintings.

I just finished a new series of small works that I am excited to share with you! They are of sailboats and are meant to a reminder of adventure, exploration and the thrill of the unknown. 

CLICK HERE to see the whole collection

I love watching them pass on the water while at the beach . They look like they glide effortlessly from afar and I always wonder what adventures they are heading on.

“Love the Journey” Original Painting Available HERE

No matter what kind of boat you fancy there is so much to love about boating.

What makes boating even more joyful and adventurous is sharing it with friends and family which we like to do all the time.

“Dancing on the Water” Original Painting Available HERE
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Boating always brings out my Jimmy Buffett, “Parrot Head” mentality:  the beach, the ocean, swimming, sunshine, friendship and a relaxed sense of freedom. What do you say we grab ourselves a “boat drink” and sail away to “St. Somewhere…” even if it’s only in our imaginations.

Who’s with me?

Sending you a day filled with warm sunshine, adventure and ease.


Laura 🙂


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