flowers, friendship & a new workshop!

I had the most amazing, soul enriching workshop at my studio yesterday. The conversation and the creativity within the group left me feeling LIT UP! I asked everyone to share their favorite flower and decided to create this little “bouquet” from all the flowers they picked. Isn’t it pretty?

Just like flowers we are all so uniquely special aren’t we?

There is something to appreciate in each and every one of us.

Share your favorite flower in the comments and let’s make an even bigger bouquet!

Cheery Smiles your way!


Laura 🙂

p.s. January’s workshop sold out right away so I decided to add second class on Sunday, Feb. 11th.  Affirmations help you focus on what you most desire for your life. If this class inspires you in any way, I would love to have you join us. Click here for more details.

*There are currently 3 spots left

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