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As a child one of my favorite things to do was change my room around, furniture and all. It made things feel fresh and new. To this day I still get the same sense of renewal when I move things around my coastal cottage. I don’t have the luxury of moving the furniture in our small home so I keep things fresh by creating little vignettes. Let me share some ideas on how to create a vignette in your home.

What is a vignette?

Designer Emily Henderson describes a vignette as “a smallish arrangement of objects or furniture, usually including pieces that reflect the personality of the person who lives there.” You could also think of them as a beautiful still life or a ‘shelfie’.

I believe homes tell a story of the people who live there. They are woven together with personal items collected over time and often you can tell what a person values at first glance. Maybe it’s a favorite piece of art, items from trips, handmade pottery, flowers, collections, or a favorite quote to ponder like the one I am using in some of these examples.

Vignettes can be made on any flat surface: a table, bookshelf, dresser, countertop or window ledge.

Why make a vignette?

First of all they are just fun! They also allow you to practice combining styles, color and texture, while learning about composition and possibly more about yourself and your preferences at the same time. Much like painting, vignettes can be a beautiful, creative expression of who you are.

Vignettes give you an opportunity to showcase and value the things you love. We often stop “seeing” things in our home because they have been in the same place for so long. By moving them around we renew their energy and can appreciate them all over again.



Use shades of one color to create a feeling

For this vignette I used quiet shades of blue which are known to calm the mind and invoke serenity. I chose them to compliment the blue text in the art print. You can pull color from any piece of art to create harmony in a room. Plants and books are other simple ways to introduce color into a vignette.

Get Quirky

Add something unexpected or funny to the mix. This will add interest and make people want to linger a little longer. Here I added this cute giraffe made out of a soda can I found it at an artisan market while on a trip to DC with my friend Tina. Not only is the giraffe quirky and fun, I got to support another artist and now have a lovely momento of the trip. The zinnias and hanging butterflies add an eclectic a pop of color to the mix.

Pick a theme or collection to create harmony 

Here I started my vignette with a collection of ball jars. They are all similar in color and coordinate with the blue in the artwork. I could have stopped here, but since I love bright colors I added the flowers, polka dotted vase and yellow planter. Think of how your collections reflect your personality and surround yourself with your favorite things. Some of my favorite collections are shells, plants, books and vintage items. What are yours?

“Thrill of the Unknown” acrylic 4″ x 4″ is available in the shop

Create Depth

Try mixing up the objects on a surface, varying heights and placement, rather than keeping everything in a straight line. Here the lamp adds height and was my jumping off point for this vignette. I placed the vase and the books in the back which adds interest and functionality. The small painting, succulents and zinnia come forward to add color and interest to the arrangement.


Which one should I try? 

Start with the one that most inspires you! Take a look around your home and find one spot that could use some refreshing, clean it off and start there. Then take a walk around your house and gather any objects that are calling to you. Gather them all together and start playing.

Stretch your creative muscles, trust your intuition and have FUN!

I will warn you, creating vignettes can be incredibly addictive. Once you get started you may never want to stop! 🙂

To get you started I made this free little print for you. Simply print it off, pop it into a frame of your choice and enjoy creating your own vignette.

I would love to know how you do. Share your creations with me here or on instagram using #LGJoyVignette so I can give them some love and we can inspire each other.

I hope this quote reminds you that  just like a flower you are meant to bloom bright and celebrate life’s JOY! 🙂


Laura 🙂

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  1. Laura, I love your creations! You have inspired me. I’ll be looking around my home for areas that need a change! Thanks Jean

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