Island retreat…

Hello my sweet friend,

How are you? I just returned from an island retreat in Aruba feeling rejuvenated from the sweet sunshine and crystal clear turquoise blue water. Brett went up north to visit his dad and go snowmobiling while I spent some time with my parents and my paints on the island. This is one of the things I love about our marriage. Although we usually travel together we also allow each other time to foster our individual interests. It’s like a perfect figure eight. We meet back in the middle feeling alive and refreshed.

Being at the beach in the sunshine is one of my favorite things in the whole wild world. I feel like I must have lived on an island in another life as everything about island living feels like home to me; the bright colors, the warm ocean water, and the joyful, laid-back spirit of the people.

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island” and whoever came up with that motto created the perfect “brand” if you ask me. It’s infectious. The entire country adapts the mentality of happiness. I mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON from the cab driver that picked me up at the airport to the bartenders making pina coladas on the beach had a bright, vibrant, happy spirit.

It was the perfect reminder to find joy in all that you do.

The islands motto even translates to their license plates. How fun is that? Words are so powerful! Imagine if every country in the world had a positive affirmation like this to guide them?

I did a lot of painting while I was there. The joy and colors of the island seeped into my heart and soul and are inspiring the start of a new little collection of watercolor paintings that I’m super excited about.

I loved experimenting and mixing new paint colors. Watercolors are such a free, spontaneous medium to work with.

Right now my paintings are small and I want to be brave and try some larger works. We shall see….

I will have more details to come about this collection and will be posting my process on instagram if you want to follow along.

I can’t wait to share the beauty of this gorgeous island with you!

Cheery Smiles & love your way always…

xo Laura 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Island retreat…

  1. Wow, Laura! You found some things I didn’t see on this past happy trip with our beautiful first daughter! You are simply AMAZING! So glad you joined us this year. We love this Island…our favorite getaway!

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