Listening as a practice: my one little word for 2019

So I’m a little late in sharing my “one little word” for the year but here it is:


My word came to me on my recent trip to Aruba where I had a little time with myself. I spent the afternoons lazily on the beach with my paints under a palapa, completely absorbed in my beautiful surroundings. Although the strong, steady trade winds that Aruba is so well known for made me chase more than one painting down the beach, the clear aqua-blue water soothed me.

I had one ear towards the ocean and the other in my headphones listening to Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul while I painted. (This book would be great for anyone whose thoughts go a little crazy sometimes).

The book reminded me that we are not our thoughts. I don’t know why I need to be reminded of this over and over again but I do. When we can detach from our thoughts we are able to access the peaceful place within us that knows we are right where we need to be and that everything is always working out for us.


It’s so easy for our minds to take over and create a lot of unnecessary drama~believe me, I know and constantly strive to be aware of when this is happening. Over the years I’ve learned from my mindfulness practice to take a breath when I feel myself getting anxious, angry, judgemental, or any other emotion that doesn’t serve me. When I do I am able to LISTEN to my higher self.

My higher self is always kind, loving, peaceful and gentle. It’s the part of each of us that listens attentively to others without judgement, knows that there is a beautiful energy and flow to life and is sure that life is supposed to be fun. It’s the very best part of who I am and who you are. We all have access to it, we just need to LISTEN.


Listening is a practice and this year I am open to all the possibilities that come from truly listening – to myself, to others, and to the beautiful earth around me.

Do you pick a word to inspire your year? If so, I invite you to share it with me in the comments below.

Hope you are having the best day ever!

Cheery Smiles your way… Laura 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Listening as a practice: my one little word for 2019

  1. To be able to truly listen is a real art I think, to oneself as well as others. I always have to think of Michael Ende’s book ‘Momo’. The girl has the rare ability to listen in a way to people, that they all of a sudden get great ideas etc. I think it’s a skill we all can hone in on.

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