Living my “word” of the year: end of year reflection

At the start of 2018 I chose HONOR as my “word of the year”. I wanted to truly appreciate and honor my life. I learned a lot from this word and will always carry it’s intentions with me. Thought I would share some strategies I used for “living my word” in the hope that it may help you live yours to the fullest.


One of the ways I practiced honoring my word was through journaling. I encourage journaling even though I resist it because it’s one of the best ways to become more self-aware and truly know yourself. Trust me, I know it’s hard to sit down and face the never ending, twirling thoughts in your head, but when you do you’re better able to see what you’re dealing with. I guarantee you will start recognizing the excuses, judgements and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck and often holding you back from living your best life.

It’s only when you are aware of these thought patterns that you can do something to change them. For example, deep down I knew I wanted to move my studio home for two years, yet I kept making up excuses in my head for why I couldn’t do this ~ I had too much stuff, I didn’t have enough room at home, I wouldn’t be seen as “professional,” Brett might get sick of me being home all the time, how could I teach here etc., etc…

When I finally wrote all this out I was able to challenge these thoughts and saw that moving home wasn’t as big a deal as I made it out to be. I’m now home in my cozy studio that I love so very much. I’m so happy I didn’t let another two years of my life slip by before taking action on something that has brought me so much happiness and peace.


“I thank and release what no longer serves me.”


Journaling also brought to light a pattern I had of setting myself up for failure. For example, every year I would set ridiculous goals and aspirations for growing my business (as well as ever other area of my life for that matter), yet I found I had trouble following through on the goals I set. It wasn’t because I was lazy, or didn’t want them bad enough, it was because they were WAY too big and I didn’t know how to break them down.

Instead of staying stuck in this pattern I honored the need for help and recently hired a wonderful coach who is able to effortlessly prioritize and break down tasks for me. I recognized the need for help and finally feel like I’m making progress on the projects that will move my life and my business forward in a way that is truly aligned with my heart and my values. (FYI, I was able to afford her help with the money I’m saving by not paying studio rent~see how wonderful that worked out! Imagine if I had done this two years ago?)


“I am open to change. I open my heart to new places, new people, and new chapters of my life.”


Overall I was pretty intentional with what I absorbed in 2018. I chose books, classes, podcasts, tv shows and movies that helped me grow and honored my values. I noticed when I was on social media too much and how much time I wasted there. (FYI: there’s a great app I’m testing out called Moment that tracks your screen time. If you try it I think you may be shocked like I was at how much time I was wasting on unimportant things.)

Since then I blocked most notifications on my phone and computer and I now set timers for myself when I’m on social media so I don’t get sucked in and mindlessly waste my time. I want to spend more time LIVING and creating my own life rather than consuming the lives of others.


“I create before I consume.”


Another thing that bubbled up for me while journaling was that I became aware that I was comparing myself to other people on social media. My mind would tell me I was just doing “research” but being truly honest with myself I know deep down I was comparing myself to others.

Comparing never feels good.

We are all on our own unique journeys and need to honor where we are in this season of our lives. Now if I find myself comparing I know it’s because there’s something in me that craves that skill, that toned body or cute outfit. This is when I have to ask myself if I’m doing the work to embody what I’m wanting, especially when it comes to creating. If I’m not, this is when I know it’s time to shut things down and get to work on myself. I know it’s not always easy to “get real” with yourself but it’s the only way you will ever create the life deep down you know you are meant to have.


“I will continue to learn and grow.”


My word has taught me to practice compassion for myself, knowing that I’m human. When I find myself not keeping the promises I made to myself I know it’s just information I can learn from. We need to see and HONOR our mistakes so we can see where we can improve.


“I open my heart to wisdom, love and compassion.”

As you can see journaling helped me learn a lot about myself. I loved my word from this past year and was tempted to live with it a little longer, but I have another word that is calling to me that I’ll share soon, promise!

Did you pick a word for 2018? How did it serve you? Did you have any big takeaways? Did you forget about it completely? I would love to hear what worked or didn’t in the comments below.

Happy Happy New Year my friends!

May every day of this new year be filled with curiosity, beauty & ease.

Cheery Smiles & love your way…


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