New studio update!


“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude”. ~Karl Barth

Kenny Chesney’s song, “Old Blue Chair” comes to mind as I sit down to write you today in my own “old blue chair”. It is an oversized, clunky chair with a large ottoman that takes up valuable real estate in my new studio, but for some reason I am not quite ready to replace it. I have had it since I lived in my magical little cottage in NH many years ago now. The blanket on the arm of the chair hides the claw marks my sweet little Californian kitty, Maude made many years ago.

Maude was a tiny little pip of a cat with a big personality. She had THE MOST gorgeous, violet blue eyes I have ever seen and a calm, but don’t mess with me personality. I adopted her from my cousin who lives in California. Maude would wake me up every morning by gently nudging her paw on my shoulder and then patiently waiting until I opened my eyes. The best alarm clock ever! I miss that little sweet pea and have such fond memories of her. Those claw marks on the chair are part of my history and I am holding onto them for now.

daisies in vase

“I read a few books, wrote a few songs, looked at my life where it’s goin’  where its gone…”

This line from Kenny’s song brings me back in time as well. I guess a big move will do that. As I unpacked I found all kinds of things I had forgotten about~countless sketch journals, precious paint tucked in bins and art I wouldn’t want to share with anyone, yet I’m not ready to let go of just yet as it reminds me of how far I have come.

“The journey is the treasure.”  ~Lloyd Alexander

My new studio is truly my happy place. I wake up giddy and can’t wait to get there. It is much smaller than my last studio and it was a bit of a puzzle figuring out how everything would fit, but simplifying has been really good for me. It is light, bright and airy. The walls are painted a warm white which makes my paintings pop and I am in love with the old brick wall and raw ceiling that reveals the history of the Mill.

After much shuffling and rearranging, my old blue chair found its home in the little nook by the window. I love how the sun streams in and makes me feel safe & cozy. This is where I like to  write, sketch, plan and dream.

flowers & wine

I am having a little “studio warming” April 2nd from 1-4pm so save the date!

Here is my new address:

The Velvet Mill 
South Studio #7
22 Bayview Avenue
Stonington, CT 06378

This move feels monumental to me and I would love for you to be a part of it!


p.s. My new neighbor Michelle Guthrie, aka The Flower Belle will be opening her flower shop a few doors down from me. She is having an opening reception of her own on the same day so there is a lot of celebrating to be had! More details to come…

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