Adult & Children’s Private Art Lessons

Private Creative Time with Laura

Are you craving a little time to nurture your creative spirit but don’t think you have a creative bone in your body?

I can help!

The story I have heard over and over in my past 20 years of teaching is that so many people have been told at a young age that they were not artistic, or that they were doing it wrong. Just because you’ve been told that you can’t even draw a straight line or draw an accurate rendition of something does not mean that you are not artistic. I believe that creativity and artistic ability express themselves in endless ways.

I am here to tell you that there are no rules when it comes to creativity, and art is supposed to be fun!

Creativity is not for the select few; it is found within within each of us, and it can be a source of pleasure to access your own creative power. I would love to help you feel the freedom, confidence and joy that art can bring into your life.

Is this for you?  This class is for anybody. No art training or prior experience necessary.

The Details

  • Each lesson is specifically designed to accommodate the personal needs of each student.
  • For some it is basic drawing for others it is mixed-media, collage or painting. Through conversations and examples, I introduce my students to artists, art disciplines and art movements that might inform their creative experience and spark ideas. Over time, I also encourage students with writing prompts to tap into their creative voice.
  • I also offer consulting on personal projects that have been waiting to be bought to life.
  • You can ask me anything. I will gladly share all I know about the creative process, my favorite art materials and resources.
  • Although I teach techniques I fiercely value connecting each student to their own personal power and unearthing what they most want to create. These are not “cookie cutter” classes. They are personalized and unique to each individual’s interests and needs.
  • Emphasis is on the creative process vs. product
  • Work at your own pace; creativity cannot and should not be rushed.
  • We will work in my studio, and I will give you a custom supply list based on your plans.

Your Investment:
$55 per hour ($10 off a package of 6 lessons)

  • Typically for private lessons I recommend booking a minimum of 4 class sessions. I find that multiple sessions best supports each student through their artistic progression.
  • I schedule the same one-hour time slot for you each week.
  • Some students come every week. Some come every other week.
  • Payment is due at our first lesson, for the 4 session minimum or the 6 lesson package.
  • I ask for 24 hour notice, if you need to cancel a lesson without charge.