Studio Warming gratitude & follow up


My Studio Warming took place a couple of weeks ago and everything about it felt perfect. I had an amazing afternoon with the most wonderful friends a girl could ask for. People came from near and far to help me celebrate this new phase of my life~some friends even drove 2-3 hours to celebrate with me~WOWZA!  My heart is still a glow even as I write this. Grateful…



It poured rain this day, but I have learned to find beauty in even the most dark, overcast days. Each face, each smile, each flower brought sunshine to my heart. More and more I am appreciating how special every day is, no matter what the weather as it can never be replicated.

misty seascape

Art is a gift to me and one I do not take for granted. Every time I show up to paint its like unwrapping a present, not knowing what’s inside. I learn something new about myself every time I pull out my paintbrushes, open my heart and listen. Creativity is what connects me to my heart & soul and it is found int so many ways.

I wanted to share this short, beautiful, video by Louis Schwartzberg with you. It makes you slow down and look at the world more closely. As you watch it you will see the start of a project he is working on called, “Happiness Revealed”. I am totally in love with this project! It is  told from the point of view of a child and elderly man and is magnificent on so many levels. I love Schwartzberg’s passion for noticing and sharing this extraordinary world we live in, and always wish to revere it. May it touch your heart in the same way it does mine. Happy day to you!



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