Succulent Summertime :)


Hello there my friend!

Summer is enlivening me with all it’s goodness. I feel like I have been swept away to a blissful place with summer guests, backyard porch parties, walks on the beach, painting and time in my garden. I am keeping  my “word” of the year, tend at the forefront of my mind during this busy season. It is proving to be the perfect word for me as it has allowed me to meander in and out of projects and is keeping me focused.

TO TEND: “to listen & pay attentionto cultivate and foster, to apply oneself,

 to serve and to await.”

I wrote about my word back in January on LauraTWOtina, the blog I co-author with Tina Hirsig. Tina was just here visiting from Charleston, SC and I miss her already. We had a wonderful 5 days of sharing ideas, hiking, drawing, boating, time at the beach and a wonderful adventure to Greenport, NY. Although we usually only see each other once a year we are devoted to weekly phone conversations that allow us to bounce ideas off one another, check in with our monthly goals, and share what we are doing creatively in our studios.

Tina has been committed to a weekly drawing challenge since the beginning of the year which is totally inspiring me. It is exciting to see the beautiful objects she is finding in nature to draw each week. It has gotten me thinking about creating a weekly challenge of some sort for myself. I love seeing all of her drawings together. It is a good reminder of how small actions done consistently grow over time.

blind contour line drawings

I find myself in a tender place of deep reflection and learning right now, tending to some time consuming, and seemingly monumental tasks. Things like writing new copy for my website (coming soon), a massive digital photo organizational overhaul, as well as being knee deep in learning the technical side of page layouts, web design & e-commerce (not my favorite 🙂 ).

On a fun note, I have been working with a designer to create a new logo that I am super excited about! I am learning SO much about the creative process of design. What a challenging a job a designer has to communicate so much in a single image! More to come on all of this as I move forward.

I will leave you with a little pop of color from my garden & a quote I have been pondering as I think about everything going on in the world today…

“The earth is what we all have in common.”

~Naturalist & Writer, Wendell Berry


Sending you the most magical day of wonder & love…



p.s. I have some paintings, cards and prints in an adorable shop in downtown Mystic called, SALT. It has a fun, hip, beachy/bohemian aesthetic I am in love with!

p.s.s. Tina was just featured in Charleston Magazine! I am SO proud of her the work she is doing! TAKE A LOOK 🙂

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