Beach inspiration: Take a walk on the beach with me…

Yay, it’s Jazzy June!

Time to flip the calendar for SUMMER and get ready for the beach 🙂

I would love to share a little beach inspiration with you. Let me take you on a little virtual “walk” and share one of my favorite places, Bluff Point Beach with you. It’s the place that inspired this month’s painting and is where I feel most at home (besides my garden). In a way it is where I “found” myself when I first moved to Connecticut, so it will always be a very special place.

Bluff Point Beach

I spend a lot of time walking the beach and exploring the many trails in the park, just looking and listening. When I first started coming here these walks gave me an opportunity to free my mind and dream about what I wanted to make art about. I was able to reflect and experiment with new ideas, letting go of my more traditional style of painting I was accustomed to. These walks still inform my work today.

To get to Bluff Point Beach you either have to walk or come by boat which is nice because  it makes the beach less busy. Unless I am coming with my husband and friends you will find me enjoying the long walk, appreciating this time to myself.

I wander and look for treasures, always in search of pretty shells, driftwood and sea glass.

The beach roses have the most lovely, intoxicatingly sweet scent.

I collect feathers and love when I find them on my little adventures.

Sometimes I make sculptures to leave behind for someone to find.

These are the dunes we cross over to “our spot”, a special place my husband and I go to hang out with friends on the weekend.

We definitely take our beach lifestyle seriously and load up the boat with chairs, games (corn hole is my favorite beach game), umbrellas and of course nice picnics. Last year our friends “upped our game” and added this lovely hammock to our spot. You will find me here all blissed out when it warms up a little. There is nothing I love more than a lazy beach day. Ahhh…. 🙂


It’s amazing to see how much the sky changes from day to day. Sunsets here are often so unbelievably gorgeous I have to catch my breath. My palette often reflects these bright, happy colors which I carry in my heart. I love sharing them with you and am appreciative every time I create something that feels light and joyful.

laura gaffke, “Over the Dunes” 6″ x 6″ acrylic

“Over the Dunes” is available here

The beach offers so many lessons in allowing. It teaches you how to slow down.

The waves soothe the soul, the ever changing sky is a work of art in itself and the wind hums with songs of far away places. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and watching the seagulls and piping plovers scurrying along waiting for me to catch up with them. I believe you can find endless inspiration at the beach.

Do you have your own special place to just be? I would love for you to share it with me in the comments below.

May your day be filled with a little sunshine!




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