Welcome, I’m delighted you’re here!

Hi I’m Laura Gaffke

I believe doing what you love with enthusiasm, devotion & JOY you serve the world in a positive way. This enthusiasm can have a ripple effect onto others which I believe can make the world a happier place.

As an artist I use color and a touch of whimsy to enliven peoples homes. As a teacher and gentle guide I support women in nurturing their creativity in all forms. I use acrylic and watercolor paint as a meditation and a means to help others pause and connect with the truest part of themselves. I help them appreciate the peace that comes from stillness and creating for the pure joy of it!

Through my paintings, workshops and blog I aspire to help others see the beauty and magic in this beautiful world and savor it within their own lives.

Let me polka dot your life!

“The earth has music for those who listen.”

I invite you to visit my blog where I share peeks into my studio life, creative process and everything I’m learning about living life with intention, beauty, love & JOY.

If flowers, salty sea air, and celebrating life’s magic makes you swoon then this is the place for you!

Could your home use a little pop of color?

Enjoy my most popular prints and recent paintings.


“I love my painting so much. It is beautiful and arrived in excellent condition!! You are the best!!!”

~Nancy H.

“Thank you so much Laura for sending out my beautiful new print with such thought and care. You definitely put every ounce of your beauty into what you do and share with others.”
~Michelle O.


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