What is good karma anyway?

“Interconnection”, new print available HERE

The “Starving Artist” is a mantra I hear from many artists and one I wish to shift to that of the “Abundant Artist”. I deeply believe the more you give the more you get. It doesn’t need to be from an exchange of money either. It can be an exchange of kindness, creativity, love or compassion (my personal favorites). These things don’t pay the bills of course. For many artists, sporadic and uncertain incomes are a reality which can make it hard to justify monetary giving, even though they may want to.

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
~Anthony Robbins

This is why I fell in love with and will be participating in the The Good Karma Sale. It is a national movement towards redefining the relationship between big and small business owners. It is aligned with the spirit of giving, which I believe the holidays were meant for, but can easily be misplaced with the busyness of the season.

good karma sale.wm

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone payed it forward helping causes they believed in?

For every calendar or fine art print purchase made through my online shop,

Friday, November 27 – Monday, November 30,

I will give 10% of my total sales to Urban Zen.

By purchasing my art you are allowing me to live my passion and foster things I truly value and believe are making the world a better place. Urban Zen is creating change through education, creativity, connection, collaboration & communication. There is a wonderful video explaining their good work here.

In addition to this you will also receive a set of 6 affirmation cards

as a special gift from me (while they last).

*see samples below

good karma sale wreath2

Let’s spread more love &

help each other.



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p.s. You can support this movement by sharing this post, or shopping with one of the other wonderful, participating businesses HERE.

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