How I became a “wino”

A few years back my husband and I took a wine pairing class which we loved. It was SO fun! I mean who doesn’t love a class where you get to meet new friends, eat, drink and learn something new. Up until then I wasn’t too fussy about my wine. I pretty much bought red wine based on how much I liked the label and a nicely chilled glass of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay was my go staple (still love it!). I think Brett only drank wine at the time to humor me. Something shifted after this class as I came to understand and truly appreciate the many nuances of wine and learn what goes into creating each one.

Trying new wines has now become a hobby for us. We even have a  growing little “wine cellar” in our basement. This class taught me to slow down and use my senses. I was taught to look at the color, analyze what flavors I tasted and pay attention to the scent of each one. Some wines were fruity, dry, may have had lots of tannins or hints of berries, chocolate, tobacco, or even an earthy flavor. I got a true sense of my preferences and am not intimidated ordering wine like I used to be. Painting is a process of slowing down much like tasting wine. Whether creating it or looking at it we all have our own unique style and preferences.

Much like art, wine is very subjective. Every person has their own unique palette and is going to find something different that appeals to them. 

Our love for wine has carried over to an annual wine pairing garden party which we have hosted for the past three years.  Our parties are pretty casual. Everyone brings a wine and a dish to pair with it, talking briefly about why they chose it.  We are always surprised with how creative everyone gets with their pairings, like my friend Sue‘s beautiful pairing of a Japanese rice wine she paired with sushi. It was so unexpected and fun!

The wine was called JOY”~ LOVE that SO much! 🙂

Wine has been an ongoing theme in my paintings as well. To me it is a metaphor for friendship, good conversation, and taking the time to really appreciate those you are with.

I often paint with bright colors to emulate the feeling of vibrancy and aliveness that I feel when I am engaged in meaningful conversations with the people I love. 

These two paintings were created with these feelings in mind. The painting above is called, “Wild Spirits”.  The original has sold but you can find new prints in the shop here 🙂

The painting below is a newly released original called “Wine Buddies” which can be found in the shop along with other wine prints here.

I believe the best wines are the wines we drink with friends.

Brett & I are always open to trying new wines and would love to know what your favorites are. Do you prefer red or a white? Share with me in the comments below.

Cheers my dears!


Laura 🙂

p.s.  There are many beautiful wineries on the Connecticut shoreline so if you are in the Stonington/Mystic area be sure to visit Johnathan Edwards Winery where I had my first solo show in CT and another favorite, Salt Water Farm Vineyard.

3 thoughts on “How I became a “wino”

  1. Hi Laura, I usually get introduced to a wine that becomes a fave through a restaurant. Right now I’m enjoying 2 Sauvignon Blanc wines – Kim Crawford , and Haymaker- the more citrusy the more I like it! In the Fall and winter I enjoy red- 14Hands Merlot, or Blackstone. My husband like PinoT Noir or Pinot Grigio . Another important thing for me is the glass – thin and long stemmed! 😀

    1. Hi Patty! Thank you so much for sharing your love of wine with me! SO fun! I agree with having a nice, thin glass as well! 🙂 Laura

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