Why have I been neglecting my husband?

Over the Dune.wm“Over the Dunes”, mixed media 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″

A glorious hello to you!

What have you noticed today that made you smile? Today I am appreciating my new studio!!! As I wrote in my last letter I moved studios at the beginning of the year. I am now at……Da Ta Da  daaaaaaaa

The Velvet Mill 
South Studio #7
22 Bayview Avenue
Stonington, CT 06378

Moving is a lot of work and I was fortunate to have had the help of really good friends and a supportive husband. I have a perfectionist personality and  found myself spending WAY too many late nights at my new studio unpacking, moving things around and honestly becoming a little obsessed with my tidying project. This of course wasn’t leaving much time for Brett, my art or anything else. I started to feel anxious, unbalanced and impatient with myself for how LONG it was taking me to feel settled. The truth is, things take time, especially the important things. Our relationships need tending to in order to grow, ideas need to percolate to expand and projects need to be planned, prioritized and scheduled in order to blossom. Sometimes you need to pause so you can move with a calm spirit.


I am gratefully blessed with many creative ideas in all areas of my life. I have ideas for styling my studio, a new series of paintings for my art, home projects I want to do, trips I want to take, friends I want to see, and on it went. Everything was swirling around in my head like a tilt a whirl making me nauseous. So when Mayi Carles free “5-day Life is Messy Bootcamp” came on my radar I decided to actually pause and DO the work. I learned the importance of a clear mind in B-School (Mayi is a B-School alumni too) as well as in the  many books I have read on productivity, but hadn’t been taking the time to do it. So I sat down and wrote out ALL my ideas (no small task). I spread them out all over our king size bed which didn’t leave room for even one of our three cats. I had to laugh at how many things I thought I could accomplish in the month of January alone!


I evaluated why I wanted to do these projects and which ones were most important and realistic for this year. Mayi’s Life is Messy Planner was perfect for this because she has pages for both your personal and professional life and it was easy for me to see where I needed to balance things.


I am now working on my yearly plan and have picked two projects to devote my time to this month. The first one is my annual Affirmation Book Workshop. It is one of my favorite classes to teach as it is always such a beautiful community with many returning students. I use Affirmations to help me focus on what I really want in my life. They allow me to dream a bigger dream for myself and open my mind to possibility. They are really important to me and I have written more about them HERE. This will be the first workshop I hold in my new studio and I am really excited for it.

affirmation book collage

(To keep the class small and intimate it is limited to 8. There are only 3 spaces left so if you are interested secure yours HERE) *CLASS IS NOW FULL

*Contact me at laura.gaffke@me.com to be added to the wait list, or if you are interested in creating an additional class with some of your friends on another day.


The other project that has been in the works is this new series of original art. I wanted each painting to be really special and worked with my husband Brett to design and build some beautiful, handcrafted, hardwood frames. He spent many nights and weekends in his shop perfecting them for me and I just love them (& him) so much!


Although these frames look great grouped together no two are exactly alike. Their unique “personality” is highlighted in the wood grain and they truly are little pieces of art on their own.

The new paintings have just been added to my shop and can be found HERE. I have also featured some “Love” prints for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a slideshow of the new work. *Click to enlarge image

I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are & appreciate you
following my journey!
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